Fee Waiver FAQ

1. What is a fee waiver?
A reduction or a total waiver of qualifying school fees such as textbooks and/or registration fees. Parent/guardian(s) must submit necessary documents to determine qualification.

2. Are my fees automatically waived once I complete the application?
NO. You will receive notification from the district regarding the decision made.

3. How long do I have to complete and submit all required documents?
All documents are due within 30 days of registering. All incomplete applications will be destroyed.

4. Where do I send the completed application?
You can submit the completed application three ways; mail, email, or drop-off.

  1. You MUST download the application to your computer
  2. Fill out the application and Save it
  3. Print out the completed application to mail it or email the completed application to the address below.
It is recommended that you email or drop-off the information to ensure the application is delivered successfully. Send to:

Mailing/Drop-Off Address:
Crete-Monee School District 201-U
The Office of Business
Attention: Fee Waiver Applications
1500 Sangamon Street
Crete, IL 60417
Email Address:

5. What documents must be included in order to apply?
The application must be completed in its entirety, copy of your most recent pay stub for all members residing in the household, copy of the most recent IRS tax Form(s) 1040 with appropriate signatures, and W-2 of all working members residing in the household.

6. I live with a friend or a family member. Do I have to provide their financial information?
Yes, all members residing in the household must submit the documents described in Question #5 above.

7. How long does it take to process the application?
Typically, families are notified by email or First Class US Mail within 30 days of receipt of the completed application. This means all supporting documents must accompany the application in order for it to be processed.

8. What if I don’t have the required documentation?
Your application will not be processed and you will be responsible for the balance of your account.

9. If I forget to submit an item, will someone contact me so I don’t miss the deadline?
No, it is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure all documents are received in a timely manner.

10. If I am approved for free or reduced lunch, do I automatically qualify for a fee waiver?
No, these are two separate processes.

11. Why do I have to complete a fee waiver and a lunch application?
Because they are two different programs/applications with two different requirements for approval.

12. What if I do my own taxes?
Documentation the IRS received it is needed in order to process your application.

13. What if I did my taxes online, like Turbo Tax?
You will receive electronic notification it was accepted and you will be able to print your tax information for submission.

14. How often do I have to complete this application?
Each year your child(ren) are enrolled in school.

15. What fees will be waived?
Mandatory fees associated with registration and textbooks for that year only. Parent/Guardian(s) are responsible for items that include but is not limited to, lost materials (including lost textbooks), field trips, graduation activities, dances, games, summer school, school planner, technology repairs, vandalism, etc.

16. If I am denied, can I appeal?
Yes, send your written appeal within 30 days of your denial letter to:

Mailing Address:
Crete-Monee School District 201-U
The Office of District Affairs
Attention: Fee Waiver Appeals
1500 Sangamon Street
Crete, IL 60417
The Office of District Affairs will review the application and will send a final decision within 30 days of receiving the appeal.
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