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How to Write an Article Guide and Graphic Organizer

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In E-Journalism, we hope that students will develop abilities in writing composition, communication skills, social interaction, word-processing, photographic processing, and data management through the collection and preparation of data for the Crete-Monee Middle School website.  Students meet from 2:45 pm to 4:15 pm every other Monday.  (Unless otherwise noted.)
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E-Journalism members can expect to be collecting data at times other than the normal scheduled meeting times.  If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Furgason in room 407 or Mr. Taylor in room 129.

Are you interested in joining E-Journalism for the 2017-2018 School Year?
Please cut and paste the following application and article directions listed below and save them in your own Word or Google document. Fill in the blanks, and include your chosen picture and article in your Word document. Email the completed document to the sponsors.

Application to be a Member of E-Journalism Club
& Sample Photo and Article Submission

First and Last Name:


Email Address (if you have one):

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name:

Phone Number:

Why do you want to be an E-Journalist/on E-Journalism Club?




Do you have any ideas for what E-Journalism should report?



Your Technical Skills

Are you comfortable working with computers?         Yes                  No

If yes, would you consider yourself to be a/an:          Rookie             Intermediate user        Expert

Please list the computer programs that you are most familiar with:



Are you willing to take photographs? (Highlight the best answer for you.)

Yes, taking photographs is one of the main reasons I’m joining E-Journalism.

Yes, I am willing to take photographs, but I really want to write.

No, I am not interested in taking photographs.

Have you ever used a digital camera?           Yes                  No

 Do you have access to a digital camera that you can use for E-Journalism?          Yes      No

(Having a digital camera is NOT a requirement.)

Sample E-Journalism Club Assignment

(as evidence for your consideration in the club)

 Objectives/Goals of Assignment: 

  • To prove your sincere interest in participating in E-Journalism Club
  • To demonstrate your ability to find an interesting topic
  • To write a timely and coherent article about your topic


Assignment Directions:

Take a picture of something in your neighborhood or town that sparks your curiosity or interest.  The picture could be taken at an event, or it could be a picture of something that you want to address with the student body.

Write an article sharing the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How information for your topic and photo.  In a
multiple paragraph article, explain the significance of your chosen picture and topic as it relates to the CMMS student body.

Email your E-Journalism application, the picture you took, and the article you wrote as an attachment to Mrs. Furgason at and Mr. Taylor at by Wednesday, October 18th, 2017, for consideration in joining the E-Journalism Club for the 2017-2018 school year.

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