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Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS)
PBIS is a discipline approach that the Crete-Monee Schools will use to guide our thinking and our actions as it relates to student management. PBIS is founded on the following beliefs:
  1. All students should be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. Students do not come to us with innate understandings of what are appropriate or not appropriate behaviors. Students have to be taught the proper skills and behaviors that are necessary for success.
  3. Every student misbehavior represents an opportunity for teaching and giving corrective feedback.
  4. Positive feedback and positive interactions between teachers and students provides motivation for students to continue to make good choices as well as take more responsibility for one’s own actions.
PBIS believes in a three tiered system of intervention. These three tiers apply to academic as well as behavior interventions. The first layer of intervention is to be implemented in the classroom. The second tier of intervention is usually for smaller groups of students who need specialized services and help to assist in correcting deficiencies in behavior. These interventions are still short term but with second tier support structures, many students are able to meet the goals and expectations set forth by the school as it relates to demonstrating consistent responsible behaviors over an extended period of time. The third tier of intervention is provided for students who have consistently violated school rules and seem to have a problem with compliance with school or classroom expectations. Third tier interventions are more intensive in nature, are usually long term and are usually provided by a combination of community, home and school personnel who have a vested interest in the child being successful.

Designing School-Wide Systems for Student Success Diagram

Four Critical Elements of PBIS
Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a proactive, school-wide system using school-based data to develop processes to promote positive behavior, with a focus on preventions of inappropriate behaviors. PBIS is a change in how schools handle discipline (systems), how schools make decisions (using data), and how staff interacts with students (practices). When these 3 elements are working we then begin to get different results (outcomes), the kind needed that will produce safe, caring and civil schools.

Systems ~ Data ~ Practices ~ Outcomes
Supporting Social Competence & Academic Achievement Diagram

The two major goals that we want to complete this school year is to have every school collect discipline data through a uniform software program called SWIS so that we can compare data in an equitable way. The second goal is to identify, research, construct, and start effective intervention strategies and programs at the secondary and tertiary level.

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