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Michael Dugan and Congressman Robin Kelly

U.S. Representative Robin Kelly (2nd District - IL) shares a smile with Crete-Monee High School principal Mike Dugan after donating books to the CMHS Media Center as part of the Library of Congress Surplus Book Program.

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NEW! Public Comments are now available for public review each month

Members of the public can address the Board of Education regarding items that are not on the agenda during the Public Comment section of the board meeting. In an effort to maintain transparency and to allow our stakeholders access to those comments, the District will now post the transcribed minutes of public comments and the board’s responses (where appropriate) to our website each month after the board meeting. [The bulleted portion reflects what the board’s response was to the comment and/or question.]

Members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend public meetings of the District 201-U Board of Education to observe its deliberations. Your presence gives Board members the advantage of community interest and feedback. Thanks for your support!

Public Comment Q & A
April Board Meeting 4/15/14

H.K.M. – Award of Pupil Transportation contract – Chief Operating Officer for Illinois Central Bus Company (ICBC); on tonight’s agenda they are the lowest responsible bidder for these services, yet he has seen in the board packet that his company is not being recommended to receive this contract. Here tonight to ask that this decision is given further consideration to award the contract to ICBC.

D.H.W. – Status on teacher contract negotiations and status on superintendent hiring process-Her concern is that neither a superintendent nor a teacher contract are in place; with the end of the school year fast approaching, the communities would like to hear some news.

S.W. – Question in regards to training conferences-How much is the budget for training and conferences and how hotels are chosen; do Board members share accommodations? Are family members/spouses allowed to attend, as well? Is this the best use of district finances? Board members offered the following remarks:

  • Training is essential; believe this is a good use of funds
  • Family members who attend do so at their own expense;
  • The conference offers a plethora of information for board members; suggested that in the future, fewer members should attend and strategically schedule workshops to cover as many topics as possible

C.M. – Security guard situation at the high school-Asking the district to provide additional information regarding this situation that is in the rumor mill; and has this security guard been allowed to resign?

  • Dr. Edison will contact her for answers to her question within the legal boundaries the district must follow
  • The process for disciplining any specific employee was explained; the district cannot disclose information on any given employee
  • Audience member asked for an HR procedure to be shared; this is in the Board Policy

S.B. – Policy changes - Are Student handbooks going to be updated for next year?

  • Handbooks will be updated and placed on the website once all changes are made
  • The Board has been made aware of discrepancies and has vowed to remedy

D.C. – Award of regular transportation bid-Works for Illinois Central Bus Company and lives in the area; she believes that the challenges the district has had in the past with their company have been addressed and respectfully requests that the contract bid be awarded to ICBC.

C.H. – Taxes…please keep the residents in mind - Hard times for everyone, please keep this in mind when negotiating the teacher contract; she also asked that the classes our high school students are taking at Kankakee Area Career Center be considered as an AP level or Honors level class

  • Hirsch will look into the grading scale KACC uses

T.B. – Student Expulsion data-Shared data that she collected from other area districts and asked why our numbers are so much lower than these other districts; also sent FOIA requests to other districts asking how many others had Board members who attended the national conference in New Orleans; listed out a few that sent no one

B.P. - Information shared with parents pertaining to the ACT Prep workshop – She has heard that the scoring was “off”; she is asking for more thorough communication with the parents and also the exact procedure for scoring this test

  • Hirsch stated that Ms. Malak or Mr. Dugan should be contacted; Hirsch will contact these two to let them know this parent needs further information

T.W. - Commended the Board for acting quickly to revise policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our students.

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