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Friday, March 9, 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Crete-Monee High School
(Milton Payton Auditorium)

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08. Budget Reduction Plan

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1. Why do we have a deficit?
2. What is the Board of Education going to do to resolve the budget deficit problem?
3. How much was cut from programs or staff that did not affect children directly?
4. What does RIF mean?
5. Does RIFFING teachers mean that they will leave the district in March?
6. Why are you riffing all teachers from years 1—4? Why not just RIF the amount of teachers that you need to reduce?
7. How will you decide what teachers will be called back?
8. With all of the reductions, will special education services be affected?
9. Are we losing extracurricular and sporting programs?
10. Why are we not cutting sport programs instead of cutting educational programs and electives?
11. Why was the Band Program chosen as part of your reduction recommendations?
12. What does reduction in library services actually mean?
13. What does reduction in reading services actually mean?
14. Will Coretta Scott King Magnet School lose music, art, and physical education classes?
15. Will our schools be safe with a reduction in security personnel?
16. Will we still have a preschool program next year?
17. Will we still have an alternative high school program next year?
18. Will student achievement and classroom discipline be affected by raising class sizes?
19. Why was Talala Elementary chosen as the location for a Kindergarten Center?
20. When will Talala Elementary parents know where their children will attend school?
21. How will bus transportation be affected by all of the changes in programming and the creation of a new Kindergarten Center?
22. Why didn’t the Board of Education consider running a referendum first before cutting programs?
23. Will we have to make any more cuts next year?
24. The letter to parents stated that the board agreed to reduce the budget by at least $3.6 million. On the website, reductions total over $3.6 million. Why are we cutting more than what was stated?
25. What is a Tax Anticipation Warrant?

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