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Water Sample Test Results from Will County Now Available

water fountain

View the full detailed report of water test results for Balmoral Elementary
from Will County Health Department

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CMHS Faculty 

Name Title Email Phone
Benard, Carly English Teacher 708-367-2850
Cresto, Michelle English Teacher 708-367-2845
Graney, Denise English Teacher 708-367-2843
Hysell, Cynthia English Teacher 708-367-2851
Johnson, Rebecca English Teacher 708-367-2835
Godbout, Heather Literacy Coach 708-367-2832
Kenealy, Kevin English Teacher 708-367-2844
Rivero, Michelle English Teacher 708-367-2849
Santor, Jennifer English Teacher 708-367-2847
Welch, Robert English Teacher (708) 367-2838
Wojtkiewicz, Deana English Teacher/Psychology Teacher 708-367-2836
Mohr, Robert Fine Arts Teacher - Choral Director 708-367-2909
Stellfox, Diane Fine Arts Teacher - Art 708-367-2906
Tedeschi, Christopher Fine Arts Teacher - Band 708-367-2908
Belin, Barbara Math Teacher 708-367-2855
Cahan, Gene Math Teacher 708-367-2864
Foote, Brandon Math Teacher (708) 367-2870
Johnson, Andrea' Math Teacher 708-367-2857
King, Monica Math Teacher 708-367-2856
Klinger, Justin Math Teacher 708-367-2858
Lenz, Kevin Math Teacher &708) 367-2868
Maric, Mirko Math Teacher (708) 367-2871
Noble, Jeffrey Math Teacher 708-367-2859
Schneider, Ben Math Teacher (708) 367-2860
Bertoletti, Amy Media Center Director 708-367-8293
Dronzek, Danielle Drivers Ed./Phys. Ed./Health Teacher 708-367-2813
Peters, Casey Health Teacher 708-367-2824
Hall, Monica Physical Education Teacher 708-367-2925
Higgins, Daniel Physical Education Teacher 708-367-2924
Jensen, James Physical Education Teacher 708-367-2924
Landgraf, Terry Physical Education Teacher 708-367-2924
Booth, Jamie Reading Teacher (708) 367-2918
Duffy, Melanie Reading Teacher 708-367-2894
Scott, Carl Teacher-Science 708-367-2869
Coleman, Mario Science Teacher 708-367-2848
Craven, Erin Science Teacher 708-367-2901
Pindelski, Andrew Teacher-Science 708-367-2919
Griffin, Brian Teacher-Science 708-367-2827
Furlong, Sean Science Teacher 708-367-2846
Ross, Carolyn Science Teacher 708-367-2897
Werner, Lisa Science Teacher 708-367-2895
Fitzgerald, William Social Science Teacher 708-367-2877
Jones, Kristina Social Science Teacher 708-367-2816
Posey, Richard Teacher-Social Studies 708-367-2817
Mikal, Marcia Social Science Teacher 708-367-2881
O'Connor, Mark Social Science Teacher 708-367-2879
O'Donnell, Brian Social Science Teacher 708-367-2880
Simpson, Kimberly Teacher-Social Studies 708-367-2887
Rosenstein, Liz Social Science Teacher 708-367-2882
Valerio, Sarah Social Science Teacher 708-367-2886
Anderson, Christine Special Education Teacher 708-367-2893
Caul, Theodor Special Education Teacher (708) 367-2889
Verde, Angie PASS Teacher 708-367-2915
Connolly, Laurie Teacher-Career Tech 708-367-2907
Mitchell, Denise Special Education Teacher 708-367-2840
Swanson, Brook Teacher-Social Studies 708-367-2876
Nielsen, Fredric Special Education Teacher 708-367-2842
Robitz, Amelia Special Education Teacher 708-367-2904
Smiley, Theresa Special Education Teacher (708) 367-2865
Smotherman, James Special Education Teacher 708-367-2826
Allison, Jessica World Language Teacher - Spanish 708-367-2876
Gahungu, Olive World Language Teacher - French (708) 367-2819
Garcia, Alejandra World Language Teacher - Spanish (708) 367-2917
Brown, Beverly Teacher-Career Tech 7083672900
Ruiz, Mindy World Language Teacher - Spanish 708-367-2815
Nissen, Martin Teacher-Physical Education 708-367-2924

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