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CMHS H.E.R.O Program



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CMMS Faculty 

Name Title Email Phone
Johnson, Linda Art 708-367-2713
Brath, Jeffrey Band 708-367-2456
Guenther, Tyler Band 708-367-2456
Rehm, Eric Choral Music 708-367-2455
Vis, Zachary Communication Arts 708-367-2486
Birmingham, Brandon Design Tech 708-367-2455
Siefert, Kathy Design Tech 708-367-2742
Westerhoff, Jessica Design Tech 708-367-2400
Chapman, David Individuals & Society 6th grade 708-367-2459
Gardner, Karen Individuals & Society 6th grade 708-367-2741
Jenkins, Deidre Individuals & Society 6th grade 708-367-2433
Lukowski, Evan Individuals & Society 7th grade 708-367-2429
Teslow, Lisa Individuals & Society 7th grade 708-367-2432
Vallow, Cory Individuals & Society 7th grade 708 367 2717
Cox, Stana Individuals & Society 8th grade 708-367-2445
Kelly, Michelle Individuals & Society 8th grade 708-367-2447
Miller, Jeff Individuals & Society 8th grade 708-367-2441
Bergthold, Kristen Language & Literature 6th grade 708-367-2431
Hynes, Laura Language & Literature 6th grade 708-367-2747
Shead, Joanne Language & Literature 6th grade 708-367-2426
Bradley, Katherine Language & Literature 7th grade 708-367-2427
Furgason, Julie Language & Literature 7th grade 708-367-2756
Taylor, Robert Language & Literature 7th grade 708-367-2439
Crawford, Elizabeth Language & Literature 8th grade 708-367-2442
Petro, Nancy Language & Literature 8th grade 708-367-2446
Urbanczyk, Dana Language & Literature 8th grade 708-367-2443
Owens, Jasmine Language Acquisition 6th grade 708-367-2450
Souffrant, Myriam Language Acquisition 6th grade 708-367-2449
Zirkle, Susanna Language Acquisition 6th grade 708-367-2473
Harmon, Dianne Language Acquisition 7th grade 708-367-2707
Pogrebitskaya, Yekaterina Language Acquisition 7th grade 708-367-2701
Richard, Elisa Language Acquisition 7th grade 708-367-2715
Yarborough, Amanda Honors Language Acquisition / ELL 708-367-2451
Deltgen, Michael Math 6th grade 708-367-2400
Dragovic, Carrie Math 6th grade 708-367-2476
Wolfe, Betty Math 6th grade 708-367-2436
Costalunga, Michelle Math 7th Grade 708-367-2737
Gipson, Tiffany Math 7th Grade 708-367-2425
Simmonds, Tracy Math 7th Grade 708-367-2440
Hunter, Eileen Math 8th Grade 708-367-2454
Lagger, Robert Math 8th Grade 708-367-2453
Smulkaitis, Lina Math 8th Grade 708-367-2400
Frantz, Erin Physical Education/Health 708-367-2464
Holzer, Matthew Physical Education/Health 708-367-2463
Hughes, Nicholas Physical Education/Health 708-367-2463
Richardson, Heather Physical Education/Health 708-367-2464
Shouse, Tiffanie Physical Education/Health 708-367-2463
Trobaugh, Adrian Physical Education/Health 708-367-2463
Yakas, Nicolette Physical Education/Health 708-367-2464
Garza, Cherie Read 180 708-367-2466
Goff, Taisha Read 180 708-367-2465
Powell, Megan Reading Intervention 708-367-2434
Casiello, Chris Science 6th grade 708-367-8365
Orr, Jennifer Science 6th grade 708-367-2477
Shreffler, Kristen Science 6th grade 708-367-2435
Ali, Myetta Science 7th grade 708-367-2430
Madej, Kayla Science 7th grade 708-367-2428
Robilotta, Julie Science 7th grade 708-367-2400
Bartosh, Jenine Science 8th grade 708-367-2437
Bragg, Mary Science 8th grade 708-367-2444
Witt, Lisa Science 8th grade 708-367-2731
Anderson, Kala Special Education 708-367-2400
Bobb, Amy Special Education 708-367-2400
Bolster, Kathryn Special Education 708-367-2732
Heywood, Jennifer Special Education 708-367-2434
Lewis, Sara Special Education 708-367-2733
Liston, Jennifer Special Education 708-367-2478
Scofield, Colleen Special Education 708-367-2448
Shaw, Rosalyn Special Education 708-367-2400
Shymkus, Ramona Special Education 708-367-2400
Tedeschi, Robbin Special Education 708-367-2730
Turyna-Rocchietti, Tracy Special Education 708-367-2722
Westerberg, Melissa Special Education 708-367-2725
Yocum, Teresa Special Education 708-367-2400
Hampton, Cecelia Writing 8th grade 708-367-2751
Papas, Julianne Writing 8th grade 708-367-2739
Roe, Brandy Writing 8th grade 708-367-2716

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