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Water Sample Test Results from Will County Now Available

water fountain

View the full detailed report of water test results for Balmoral Elementary
from Will County Health Department

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Balmoral Elementary 

1124 New Monee Road
Crete, IL 60417



Link: Balmoral Elementary Homepage

Balmoral Administration 

Name Title Email Phone
Perkins, Ghantel Principal 367-2504
Van Kuiken, Janice Assistant Principal 367 2505

Balmoral Faculty 

Name Title Email Phone
Begesha, Deirdra Kindergarten Teacher 367 2500
Bynum, Jamila Kindergarten Teacher 367-2500
Pilarski, Melinda Kindergarten Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2543
Campbell, Toya Kindergarten Teacher 367-2500
Anderson, Courtney 1st grade Teacher 367-2500
Zacharski, Susan 1st Grade Teacher 367-2500
Olson, Jacque 1st Grade Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2500
Olson, Jody 1st Grade Teacher 367-2508
Sullivan, Jennifer 2nd Grade Teacher 367-2512
O'Connor, Kelly 2nd Grade Teacher 367-2510
Schubert, Jeannie 2nd Grade Co-Teacher/Ld Resource 367-2500
Fitzpatrick, Laura 2nd Grade Teacher 367-2500
Chism, Nicole 3rd Grade Teacher 367-2517
French, Lee Ann 3rd Grade Teacher 367-2514
Grahn, Erin 3rd Grade Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2500
Robinson, Michelle 3rd Grade Teacher 367-2500
Hathaway, Janine 4th Grade Teacher 367-2527
Lawson, Christine 4th Grade Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2500
Flanagan, Andrea 4th Grade Teacher 367-2525
Brown, Danielle 4th Grade Teacher 367-2530
Russell, Lori 5th Grade Teacher 367-2529
Walz, Frank 5th Grade Teacher 367-2532
Cobb, Courtney 5th grade Co-Teacher/LD Resource 367-2500
Matthews, Octavia Special Education Teacher 367-2500
Pankey, Elaine Multi-Needs Teacher 367-2543
Calderone, Michelle Multi-Needs Teacher 367-2500
Machamer, Sarah Literacy Coach 367-2542
Jung, Laura Reading Specialist 367-2544
Mahoney, Kelly Reading Specialist 367-2542
Smith, Hilary Speech Pathologist 367-2531
Devereux, Kelly Speech Pathologist 367-2500
Martz, Kim Occupational Therapist 367-2541
Thompson, Carmen Social Worker 367-2516
Soto, Rita ELL Teacher 367-2500
Rappold, Kristen School Psychologist 367-8354
Costello, Nicole Physical Education 367-2500
Schmidt, Megan Math Intervention Teacher 367-2543
Ores, Traci Art Teacher 367-2500
Moody, Patrick Music Teacher 367-2500

Balmoral Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Ellzey, Lorraine Teacher Assistant 367-2514
Nash, Yvonne Teacher Assistant 367-2540
Pratt, Jennifer Teacher Assistant 367-2500
Jenkins, Stephanie Teacher Assistant 367-2515
Porch, Sierra Teacher Assistant 367-2500
Thomas, Stanley Head Custodian 367-2503
Buffington, Donald Night Custodian 367-2503
Rosenfeldt, Erica Food Service 367-2500
Haton, Jennifer Food Service 367-2500
Moore, Shirley Librarian 367-2525
Camp, Victoria Secretary to Principal 367-2502
Hallberg, Kelli Teacher Assistant 367-2534
Knaack, Mandy Teacher Assistant 367-2500
Star, Tracy Assistant Secretary 367-2500
McGraw, Margaret Teacher Assistant 367 2500
Johnson, Kim Teacher Assistant 367-2500
Semik, Evelyn Teacher Assistant 367-2500
Kate, Lynch-Hale Nurse 367-2547
Wilson, Barbara Assistant Secretary 367-2500

Balmoral PTO 

Link: Balmoral PTO Homepage

Officers and volunteers of the Balmoral Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
Name Title Email Phone
Hrdlicka, Beckie President
Duran, Susan Webmaster 367 2544
Turton, Amy Secretary 367 2500
Beamon, Mr. Treasurer 367-2500

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